Monday, November 11, 2013

The Cellist of Sarajevo, check #1

If you have not heard of the book, The Cellist of Sarajevo it is written be the author Steven Galloway.  Galloway was born in Vancouver, British Colombia, he attended University collage of the Cariboo. Galloway is a associate professor and the chairman of UBC Creative writing Program. The Cellist of Sarajevo was Galloway's third book and was published in 2008. It won several awards in the world of literature and is a international bestseller.

In this novel, it is set in the time of the siege of Sarajevo which was the longest siege of a capital city in history of modern warfare. It is set between 3 peoples perspectives and there life during the siege: from how they survive, to there customs, how they express religion and finally there day to day trials and tribulations. Sarajevo is under siege by the Yugoslav Peoples army for 4 years and it devastated the citizen by killing them when they walk down the street. So the lives of the three in the book go through alot to survive this horrible act of the Peoples army.

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  1. Anthony, you have a clear background about Galloway. I find it interesting that his background is in creative writing, and not modern history.

    When I first read this novel, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I am wondering about Galloway's credibility in writing such a novel. Have you looked into his background with regards to the event in Sarajevo? Has he been there before? Did he interview people who lived through the fighting? What is the basis of his knowledge?