Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mystery skype

Many things can be learned from the mystery Skype. Some things that i learned from the Skype were: How real first nations feel about the stereotypes that other cultures have against them. Also how they feel about where the best place live is (cities vs. reserves). 
Next some things i liked about the mystery Skype was when we had to find out where they were located. Even though I found out where they were even before we asked them questions, it was still interesting seeing our class and there class asking the questions. 
I think for the experience to be better next time we need to find a better video calling program because when Microsoft bought Skype it has been a downhill slope, in both quality and user ability. though it would be a hard task to find a program like that Skype isn't a very reliable video call service.  


  1. Anthony, do you have some suggestions for other video calling programs? I'm only familiar with Skype and Facetime. I can't even compare Skype "then" to Skype "now", as I only started using Skype in the last month.

  2. Anthony I am with you 100%. When I discovered Google Hangouts a few years ago, I happily stopped using Skype. Google Hangouts is clear video and great sound. Give a try!

  3. I keep meaning to try Google Hangouts. Maybe next time.