Tuesday, January 21, 2014


On February 7th, 2014 is the start of the greatest world wide sporting event, the Olympics. This year the the Olympics are taking place in Sochi, Russia. There are going to be 98 events in 15 different disciplines. Out off all of the sports being held at the Olympics the one i am most exited for is Cross Country Skiing. This is because the skiers representing Canada have had a lot of success this year already, with multiple podiums on the world cup circuit. Although no male Canadian Cross Country Skier has been on the podium at the Olympics, this year the odds are with them.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mystery skype

Many things can be learned from the mystery Skype. Some things that i learned from the Skype were: How real first nations feel about the stereotypes that other cultures have against them. Also how they feel about where the best place live is (cities vs. reserves). 
Next some things i liked about the mystery Skype was when we had to find out where they were located. Even though I found out where they were even before we asked them questions, it was still interesting seeing our class and there class asking the questions. 
I think for the experience to be better next time we need to find a better video calling program because when Microsoft bought Skype it has been a downhill slope, in both quality and user ability. though it would be a hard task to find a program like that Skype isn't a very reliable video call service.  

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Cellist of Sarajevo, check #1

If you have not heard of the book, The Cellist of Sarajevo it is written be the author Steven Galloway.  Galloway was born in Vancouver, British Colombia, he attended University collage of the Cariboo. Galloway is a associate professor and the chairman of UBC Creative writing Program. The Cellist of Sarajevo was Galloway's third book and was published in 2008. It won several awards in the world of literature and is a international bestseller.

In this novel, it is set in the time of the siege of Sarajevo which was the longest siege of a capital city in history of modern warfare. It is set between 3 peoples perspectives and there life during the siege: from how they survive, to there customs, how they express religion and finally there day to day trials and tribulations. Sarajevo is under siege by the Yugoslav Peoples army for 4 years and it devastated the citizen by killing them when they walk down the street. So the lives of the three in the book go through alot to survive this horrible act of the Peoples army.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cross Country skiing, the Best Sport?

Cross Country Skiing is the best sport because of all the physical pros and the constant rush of adrenaline. Cross Country Skiing has may good physical elements to it, they include: keeping your body in a high cardiovascular state, balanced with the right amount of strength, finally it demands you to eat very healthy and to eat a lot! Skiing is a very cardiovascular demanding sport much like running but that is not all, you need to have the right balance between that and muscle strength, because you need the power to get up those hills and for the short sprint races.

Skiing is not just a get away for a good time it is a way of life, it consumes time from your life day in and day out. To be the top for you game you gotta hit the gym, HARD!! Having to work both upper and lower body one has to go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Now for some people going to the gym 4 times a week is a lot but not for skiers, an extra 5-7 cardio workouts on top of the strength. All of these workouts add up to 10-17 hours of training a week, which is like working a part time job! So would you be willing to spend the time for something like a sport? All in all Cross Country Skiing is a sport that will consume your life.

Next if you are going to have enough energy for all that training, you are going to fuel the fire with 5000-8000 calories per day. Now you might be thinking i would get so over weight is i ate that much, but the thing is you are burning hundreds of calories every workout, you even burn them when you SLEEP! This is all thanks to the high metabolism state you are in from all the running, weight training, roller skiing, and of course skiing itself.

Skiing is a very popular sport among Canadians so every year in Canmore Alberta Frozen Thunder is born. This is a 2+km ribbon of snow that in the spring is covered by wood chips to preserve the snow lying underneath. So when the fall comes around they can remove those wood chips and expose the snow underneath. Frozen Thunder is the only place in all of Canada at this time of year to have ski-able snow, so skiers from all over the country come to: train, race, have fun, and get to know other who enjoy skiing as they do.

 (Frozen Thunder, Canmore Alberta)

Now that you know some things about Cross Country Skiing I'll tell you what it means to me. There are so many thing that go on in my life everyday. I have school and the homework that comes with it, I am a captain of a rep soccer team, and i also have some friends to grace with my presence... But amongst all of those things in my life nothing can compare to my love for skiing. The peace it gives me is like nothing else whether it be when I'm training or racing. Yes it does have a pain element to it, but pain is temporary and the feeling of satisfaction you you get when you are done keeps you glued to skis on your feet, and keeps you coming back for more. Finally if you dare, pick up a pair of skis and poles and watch it consume you life.